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Employee Onboarding: Maximize the Success of New Educators

We were LIVE on our Community Connection Facebook group with the Education Director from Eric Fisher Academy about how finding the right fit for your education team is important to the success of your school and students. Did you know that a good onboarding program can increase employee retention by 25% and improve your employee performance by 11%? How you bring your new educators onboard and train them can benefit your employee retention. Plus, it can help your Learning Leaders become productive and contributing members of your school.
One of the most important times you can spend with your educators is during the new hire training process. Your onboarding process can directly impact their success. You should have the proper program in place to transition the new Learning Leader into your culture so they speak the same language, understand your education programs and follow the same systems and steps.
Get the tips and insights into the process our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy, uses when onboarding and training new Learning Leaders. Watch the recording today!

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