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Using Social Media to Generate Leads

Monday, November 12, 2018 at 10 am (cst)

On average, people spend two hours and 15 minutes every day on social media, which is one out of every three minutes spent online. If your school doesn’t have a strong presence on social media, you need to start building one now.

That’s where social media advertising comes in. Fifty percent of Gen Z (18- and 19-year-olds) and 42 percent of millennials (20- to 36-year-olds) think social media is the most relevant channel for ads. So, it’s more important than ever to understand and capitalize on Facebook and Instagram ads.

For part two of our three-part advertising series, we’ll be discussing how to use social media to generate leads. Join Eric Fisher, Copp Media and our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy on Monday, November 12 at 10 am (cst) as they share tips to help you get the most from social media advertising. This is a must-see live event!



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GROW your numbers with Prosper U!

Increase your retail and clinic floor numbers with Prosper U

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"The staff loves Prosper U, I love Prosper U and most of all OUR STUDENTS LOVE PROSPER U! After implementing Drivers of Success at our school, we have seen a large increase in our service and retail numbers. Our retail is up 1643% and our service is up 96%."

- Joshua Kane, Elevate Salon Institue (Royal Oak)

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Graduate successful students owners want to hire, build a reputation to attract more students, and provide the best education. Prosper U was created by world-renowned salon and school owner, Eric Fisher. The programs are a culmination of his award-winning knowledge from 30+ years in the beauty industry. With Prosper U, students will learn real-world, proven-to-work techniques for a lifelong career. The Prosper U programs will help you build your reputation as an industry-leading school.


RETAIL %: +68% 

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Here's what Garrett Shuler has to say about Prosper U:

Kenneth Shuler Testimonial

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>Drivers Of Success

An innovative, hands-on, results-driven business program. Learn more HERE.

>Style With Knowledge

A revolutionary, in-depth blowout and styling program. Learn more HERE.

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Contact us
today for a 14-Day All Access Pass to explore the Prosper U website and to learn more about our VIP Visit at our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy. Call us at 316.425.5245 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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Join us for our next LIVE event on our Facebook Prosper U Community Connection group. 

Designing a Website to Attract Leads

Monday, October 15, 2018 at 10 am (cdt)

Did you know that it takes .05 seconds for a potential student to form an opinion about your website? In 2018 your website’s design and functionality is more important than ever. More than likely, students will visit your website before they ever contact you. So, it’s important to make a good first impression whether they find you via cell phone, desktop or tablet.

Join Eric Fisher with special guests from Copp Media and our Live LAB, Eric Fisher Academy on Monday, October 15, 2018 at 10 am (cdt). They will discuss tips for designing a website to attract students and to stand out from the crowd - including what Google looks for in order for your website to be “on top.” You don’t want to miss this!



Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00

Spotlight Worthy: Use GIFs in your emails



Use GIFs in your emails

Do you use GIFs in your emails? If you’re not, you should be. GIFs are a great way to surprise and delight your subscribers. They add an element of fun to your campaigns. A GIF is a great way to showcase your promotion and entice your readers. The format provides an amazing opportunity for you because of its relatively small file size and ability to capture the attention of recipients in ways that static images alone cannot. The key is to keep your GIFs simple and animate only small elements of your email. Keep scrolling to see an example of how our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy used a GIF in one of their emails!


The Example

Tanning Lashes Annoucement 2018 1
Tanning Lashes Annoucement 2018 2

We hope this best business practice will help you grow your school. If you are interested in learning more best practices and becoming a Prosper U school, join us for a VIP Visit at our LiveLAB - Eric Fisher Academy. Contact us today at 316.425.5245 or email us at

Thank you,
Eric Fisher

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Onboarding Employees Blog

Employee Onboarding: Maximize the Success of New Educators

We were LIVE on our Community Connection Facebook group with the Education Director from Eric Fisher Academy about how finding the right fit for your education team is important to the success of your school and students. Did you know that a good onboarding program can increase employee retention by 25% and improve your employee performance by 11%? How you bring your new educators onboard and train them can benefit your employee retention. Plus, it can help your Learning Leaders become productive and contributing members of your school.

One of the most important times you can spend with your educators is during the new hire training process. Your onboarding process can directly impact their success. You should have the proper program in place to transition the new Learning Leader into your culture so they speak the same language, understand your education programs and follow the same systems and steps.

Get the tips and insights into the process our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy, uses when onboarding and training new Learning Leaders. Watch the recording today!


Thank you,
Eric Fisher

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Inspiration from around the web [34th edition]

strategy culture business

Enjoy today's collection of articles from around the web!

Social Marketers Still Aren't Giving the People What They Want
by Ad Week
What brands believe consumers want from them on social media doesn’t quite line up with what consumers actually want from them on social media, according to the Sprout Social Index 2018, a new study from social media management tool Sprout Social. The company asked more than 2,000 social marketers about their approach to “structure, goals and content,” and it then cross-referenced their answers against input from consumers. Read more here.

How to Create a Facebook Location Page
by Amy Hayward

Does your business have more than one location? Wondering how to promote separate business locations to specific local audiences? In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook to set up and promote a Facebook location page for each of your storefronts. Read more here.

More Than One: Using Multiple Video Platforms to Monetize Content
by Glen Stansberry 
YouTube is almost synonymous with video. When we think of watching a video online, there's a good chance that the mind goes straight to the platform. According to YouTube, "almost one-third of the internet"—more than a billion users—uses the video streaming service. While YouTube is a great place to start with video marketing, there are many other platforms out there for publishing video to help your business monetize content. If you've invested time and resources into making a video for YouTube, you might as well spend a bit more time and effort and make the video play for multiple platforms as well. Read more here.

T Gordon Salon Talk with Bennie Pollard
by Tony Gordon

Bennie Pollard from Louisville, Kentucky he is a 6 time nominated NAHA entrant and 2 time winner. He has had a wide ranging career: salons, photoshoots, fashion shows, consulting, distribution, and product manufacturing. Bennie gives advice on NAHA and how to get started in photoshoots. He talks about how to really find the right photographer and the make-up artists. What to look for during the shoot. How to behave and find your dynamic while doing the shoot. How do you budget for a shoot? He goes thru all of this in this talk. Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here.

Why Video Series are the Next Big Thing in Video Marketing
by Maham S. Chappal
Joe Pulizzi said, "Build your audience over time. Don't do one video... do a series. Building a loyal audience takes time, so treat your video like an ongoing story playing out and build your audience over time.” There’s a reason why. A viewer in Antarctica watched a whole season of Shameless in less than 24 hours. Netflix subscribers spend over 140 million hours watching Netflix per day. The average viewer binge-watches around 2 hours per day when they are intent on completing one season of a series. American Vandal. 13 Reasons Why. GOT. Shameless. Big Bang Theory. We’ve been watching a LOT of Netflix. And savvy marketers are taking advantage of this. They’re putting on their TV exec hats and creating emotionally charged video series to connect and entertain with their audience. Read more here.

Prosper U PRO Blog
by Eric Fisher
We just launched our Prosper U PRO blog! This industry-led blog is jam-packed with tips, techniques and business advice for you and your students. This month, we featured a cool shag haircut video and an interview with Carole Soueidan with Make-up Designory. Check it out here.

Thank you,
Eric Fisher

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Monday, 03 September 2018 00:00

5 Tips to Grow Your Retail

5 Tips to Grow Your Retail

Retailing is the most profitable part of any salon or spa business. Selling retail generates significantly more profit than services.



Your front of house should look and feel like a retail store. Retail should be the main focus of the area. It should look like you are in the business of selling products.

Your back of house is where your students show your guests how products can make them look and feel great. Your students need to talk about the products from the consultation through the end of the service.

Every time your students pick up a product, teach them to cover the news. Have them explain the what, where, why, how, when and why they love it for each product they use.

Teach your students to sell retail by setting goals such as “$9 per client” or “50% of you clients buying retail.” Contests are a fun way to get students motivated to sell more products.

If the client doesn’t want to buy the products your students suggested, don’t let that deter them from talking about the products with their other guests. Let your students know it’s not personal, it’s business.


We hope these tips will help you increase your retail sales. For more details of how the Prosper U can help you grow your school, contact us today at 316.425.5245 or info@myprosperu.

Thank you,
Eric Fisher
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Staff Engagement Blog

Join us for our next LIVE event on our Facebook Prosper U Community Connection group. 

Create a Culture of Fun Part II: Staff Engagement 
Monday, September 17 at 10 am

Did you know that 70% of U.S. workers are NOT engaged at work? Fun is not only important for your students, it’s important for your team as well. They set the pace for the school environment. Nothing is better than a team that enjoys coming to work. You can’t just say that your culture is fun though. You have to come up with strategies to make work fun. 90% of leaders think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, but barely 25% of them have a strategy.

Join Eric Fisher and the Director of Eric Fisher Academy, Dylan Hagen, on our next Community Connection LIVE event. They will be discussing the importance of bringing fun into the workplace, the strategies they’ve implemented and how it’s impacted the culture at our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy.


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