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Inspiration from around the web [34th edition]

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Enjoy today's collection of articles from around the web!

Social Marketers Still Aren't Giving the People What They Want
by Ad Week
What brands believe consumers want from them on social media doesn’t quite line up with what consumers actually want from them on social media, according to the Sprout Social Index 2018, a new study from social media management tool Sprout Social. The company asked more than 2,000 social marketers about their approach to “structure, goals and content,” and it then cross-referenced their answers against input from consumers. Read more here.

How to Create a Facebook Location Page
by Amy Hayward

Does your business have more than one location? Wondering how to promote separate business locations to specific local audiences? In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook to set up and promote a Facebook location page for each of your storefronts. Read more here.

More Than One: Using Multiple Video Platforms to Monetize Content
by Glen Stansberry 
YouTube is almost synonymous with video. When we think of watching a video online, there's a good chance that the mind goes straight to the platform. According to YouTube, "almost one-third of the internet"—more than a billion users—uses the video streaming service. While YouTube is a great place to start with video marketing, there are many other platforms out there for publishing video to help your business monetize content. If you've invested time and resources into making a video for YouTube, you might as well spend a bit more time and effort and make the video play for multiple platforms as well. Read more here.

T Gordon Salon Talk with Bennie Pollard
by Tony Gordon

Bennie Pollard from Louisville, Kentucky he is a 6 time nominated NAHA entrant and 2 time winner. He has had a wide ranging career: salons, photoshoots, fashion shows, consulting, distribution, and product manufacturing. Bennie gives advice on NAHA and how to get started in photoshoots. He talks about how to really find the right photographer and the make-up artists. What to look for during the shoot. How to behave and find your dynamic while doing the shoot. How do you budget for a shoot? He goes thru all of this in this talk. Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here.

Why Video Series are the Next Big Thing in Video Marketing
by Maham S. Chappal
Joe Pulizzi said, "Build your audience over time. Don't do one video... do a series. Building a loyal audience takes time, so treat your video like an ongoing story playing out and build your audience over time.” There’s a reason why. A viewer in Antarctica watched a whole season of Shameless in less than 24 hours. Netflix subscribers spend over 140 million hours watching Netflix per day. The average viewer binge-watches around 2 hours per day when they are intent on completing one season of a series. American Vandal. 13 Reasons Why. GOT. Shameless. Big Bang Theory. We’ve been watching a LOT of Netflix. And savvy marketers are taking advantage of this. They’re putting on their TV exec hats and creating emotionally charged video series to connect and entertain with their audience. Read more here.

Prosper U PRO Blog
by Eric Fisher
We just launched our Prosper U PRO blog! This industry-led blog is jam-packed with tips, techniques and business advice for you and your students. This month, we featured a cool shag haircut video and an interview with Carole Soueidan with Make-up Designory. Check it out here.

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