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POSTED: Jul 29, 2018 | in Haircut

The Face Framing Shag with Eric Fisher


Learn this on-trend "bedhead" haircut by Eric Fisher (@ericfisherhair), the Face Framing Shag. This timeless choppy style is a must-know look you should master. Keep scrolling to watch the video.

Shag web before after 2

Here's how you do it:
STEP 1: Part the hair from recession to recession.

STEP 2: Starting in the back, work slightly diagonal sections and cut a straight line using a progressive point cutting technique.

STEP 3: Repeat on the opposite side.

STEP 4: Using the large teeth of the comb, comb the entire side section back and point cut a straight line to give you length and weight.

STEP 5: Repeat on the opposite side.

STEP 6: Move to the side and take a diagonal back section. Cut the section from short to long holding it at 45 degrees.

STEP 7: Over-direct all the sections to a stationary guideline and cut.

STEP 8: Repeat on the opposite side.

STEP 9: Now that both sides are cut move to the front and top.

STEP 10: Take a section from the front blending in with the two side you previously cut. This will serve as the fringe.

STEP 11: Continue taking sections on the top and combing them forward. Work in a slow, traveling guide by holding every section slightly higher than the previous section. Work the left side of the top, then the right side of the top always blending in with the previous sections. 

STEP 12: Take the corner out between the crown layers and the one length in the back.

STEP 13: Add product. This could be dried naturally, with the diffuser, with a brush and blow dryer or with the fingers and a blow dryer.

STEP 14: Flat iron the hair for a different look. Think of all the possibilities.