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Color Trends for 2020 - Natural Looking ...

Haircolor predictions for 2020 call for healthy, glossy, natural hair.  As we launch into a new year and decade; influencers are predicting that we will move away from dry, over-processed...

The Skittles Manicure

The Skittles manicure, an array of rainbow, multi-colored nails is the latest nail trend to hit Instagram.  Characterized by each nail being painted a different color or by using a...

Barbering - Why You Should Consider Cutt...

Why cut the top first?   The truth is that most clients don't have a perfectly shaped head.   How many times have you gotten into a haircut and realized you had some...
Wednesday, 10 April 2019 00:00

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan


Builders have blue prints.  Coaches have play books.  Hairstylists have headsheets and diagrams. 

Diagram 7 Diagram 6

Eric Fisher @ericfisherhair says that a diagram is essential to visualizing a haircut.  "You must understand the foundation of what you are preparing to build. You don't hang pictures on a wall or decorate a room before you have a building."  Eric's Tuesday night classes (which are held weekly for the assistants at Eric Fisher Salon) focus on one 'basic' haircut per week.  A critical part of this class is a discussion about the haircut and diagramming it out so everyone can see the sectioning, partings, and techniques being utilized.  Once that step is mastered, stylists do a consultation with their client and thoroughly examine their headshape, bone structure, hair density and texture.  

Alex Ioannou @alexioannourtrio, owner of Trio Salon in Chicago and former Artistic Director of Sassoon, says, "The (haircut) diagram AND text is like a recipe book. If you want to bake a cake, you follow a recipe. Once you understand the steps and memorize what’s next, you can handle the baking on your own, sometimes even adding a little of your own spice!"  He admits that while there are thousands of haircuts and one can't possibly learn and memorize them all, the basic fundamentals are all you need. Become a master chef in cutting and the rest will fall into place.

Both Fisher and Ioannou are proponents of writing down the description in a way that if someone read the text and followed with the drawings, they would understand the process and be able to recreate the haircut.  "It’s a lot of extra work, however, successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do…so get your headsheets out, and think about each step" Ioannou says in conclusion.  


Diagram 5 

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Monday, 22 October 2018 00:00

Haircut Inspo: A Spooky Textured Cut

Trish Ghoul: The Demon Hairstylist of Rock Road


Trish Ghoul: The Demon Hairstylist of Rock Road_Before_After

Be inspired in this fun haircut makeover video starring Eric Fisher Salon Creative Director, Trish Dool (@trishdoolhairdresser) as "Trish Ghoul" and Kristen Paramore. 

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Sunday, 26 August 2018 00:00


Best Laid Plans

Men's Haircut by Aaron Rogers


This style calls for immediate copycatting. We love the modern take on this classic haircut. The high fade with the added line detail, mixed with the tousled top, is a must-do on all your male clients. Go ahead! Add some swagger with this artfully groomed style by Aaron Rogers (@aaronkrogers).


Best Laid Plans blog


Here's how to do it:

1: Frame of the fade with trimers, tapering the edges along the perimeter.

2: Use a skip guard technique, working from no guard to 3 guard open.

3: Shear over comb through the parietal ridge to blend the top with the sides of the hair. (Be sure not to cut into the top.)

4: Texturize the top to create movement. 

5: Wash, apply small amount of pomade and blow dry.

6: Finish the style by applying more pomade for the desired look. 


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Friday, 27 April 2018 00:00

Hairfalutin: A Makeover Video

In this fun and quirky video with Eric Fisher Salons Creative Director, Trish Dool gives her client a new look.

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Sunday, 25 March 2018 00:00

LINES & LAYERS featuring Cole Thompson

Watch Cole Thompson (@_cole_thompson), International Creative Director and Founder of Elevation H and Guest Artist for Hattori Hanzo Shears add movement and fullness to a layered bob. By using a combination of lines and layers, he creates a broken, loose, soft and feminine look with a tough exterior and a really soft interior.

About Cole:
International Creative Director and founder of Elevation H, Cole Thompson is originally from Manchester, England and has been active in the hair industry since 2000. Cole started his career in independent salons around the Manchester area before beginning work for Vidal Sassoon in 2003 where he quickly became one of Vidal Sassoon’s youngest “Creative Directors”. During his 12 years at Vidal Sassoon, Cole gained tremendous respect in the industry while working closely with many schools in their “School Connection” program. Cole has also worked on developing collections, has directed and run photo shoots, and, has even appeared in a Vidal Sassoon TV commercial as a “Salon Genius.” Cole left Vidal Sassoon in 2015 to continue spreading his expansive knowledge to hair professionals of all levels all around the world, this time through Elevation H — the art, technique, and business of hair. Cole’s passion for educating is evident in his work as he continues to help others strive for excellence in all areas of the industry.

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Eric Fisher Salon Creative Director Trish Dool plays "Trish Ghoul" in this fun Halloween short starring Kristen Paramore. We hope you like it, twice.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00


Eric Fisher Salon's Artistic Director, Trish Dool gives Myndy a major makeover with this bold and beautiful disconnected cut!

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