How is Money Habits structured?

Money Habits includes 5 lessons. Each lesson consists of videos, workbooks, fillable spreadsheets and a discussion question.

What will my students learn with Money Habits?

With the Money Habits program, your students will learn the personal financial skills needed to succeed in life and their career. They’ll learn to:

Additionally, your students will gain strong financial habits to keep them in school and out of money trouble after graduation.

What makes Money Habits different?

Money Habits was created by Darcie Milfeld, a financial wellness coach. She created the program specifically for the professional beauty industry. It addresses specific challenges that beauty professionals face in their careers and provides tools to overcome those obstacles.

What does Money Habits include?

When you add Money Habits to your curriculum, you and your students will gain digital access to the program. This includes 5 lessons with videos, workbooks, fillable spreadsheets and discussion questions.

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