What are curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs are bangs that are parted down the middle, framing your face on each side. They are usually longer on the sides and shorter in the center with wispy ends, giving them a laidback, 70's vibe.  Curtain bangs look good on straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair.  In addition to texture consideration, curtain bangs work best on medium to thick hair.

How To:

Create a deep "V" section from recession to recession.  Comb the hair straight down then twist the section in the middle.  Cut this section from edge to edge.  Evaluate your length, its important not to cut curtain bangs too short.  Soften the edges using a point cutting technique.  

Styling curtain bangs requires a good blow dry.  First blow-dry and roll your fringe forward and under. Then, once dry, roll it around the brush backwards – away from your face – and let it set and cool down on the brush. Once taken out (this will look a bit ‘80s) part your fringe and smooth over with your dryer and brush in a flicking motion away from your face.


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Panel Cutting:

With all of the trending glass bobs, getting sleek, straight hair can be a challenge. Panel cutting towards the ends of the hair is a great technique to remove bulk and collapse the ends of the hair to avoid a bell shape.  

How To:

Avoiding the part line and the front hairline, pick up a thin section of hair above the ear.  Holding the section at 90 degrees, cut about an inch of hair from the length.  Cutting at 90 degrees elevation will remove weight without leaving a line of demarcation.  You can repeat this process, moving up the head shape as desired. 


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Customer service is such an important part of our industry. Eric Fisher was recently interviewed by Maggie Mulhern of Modern Salon Magazine while at the Premiere Orlando 2019 Show.  Check out his 10 best customer service tips for salon pros here.  Customer Service: How to Keep Your Client Happy, Modern Salon, June 4, 2019.


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Lived-In Hair: The Texture Trend

Photo by Modern Salon

What is 'Lived-in Hair?'

Lived-in hair is the hair equivalent of your favorite broken-in pair of jeans.  Customized just for you, suited to your lifestyle and hair type.  We have all mastered the beachy waves our clients want by using hot tools - but how do you create the perfect/imperfect cut which is the foundation of the look?  

Stylist to the stars, Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran), believes in dry cutting.  When cutting dry, you can see and feel texture and natural movement.  You can see exactly where the weight is as well as any cowlicks.  This allows for complete personalization and customization of a haircut.  

Tran believes that the blow dry is a critical part of dry cutting,  There must be some lift at the roots and the hair should not be flat to the head.  This lift will allow the hair to fall in a more natural position so the stylist can identify growth patterns, cowlicks and other areas that need to be addressed with the haircut.  

Texture 3

Photo by Ashley Nicole (@ashley_magnolia)

Layers are the starting point of this lived in look, the longer the layers are - the better.  Cutting layers before the line will reduce bulk, give you more control over the shape and prevent the layers from being too short. Wedge or pie shaped sections are used and as the length drops out of the section, layering begins and follows up to the round of the head.  Initial length is taken off and deep point cutting about 2" into the hair will add movement and texture.  Once the layering is complete, you can cut in the line.  

Textured Bob

Photo by Donovan Mills (@donovanmillshair)

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Everyone does it....  Your doctor does it. Your dentist does it.  Retailers do it.  But as hairdressers we are always hesitant to raise our prices.  Most of us worry that our clients will go somewhere else.  Or that our clients will protest and complain and make the situation uncomfortable. 

So when SHOULD you raise your prices?  It is recommended that you consider a price increase when your books are solid for at least 2-3 months in advance.  When you have a waitlist its time to think about raising your prices (or moving up a level if your salon has multi-level pricing).  Your prices should go up if you're in demand!

Don't feel bad for charging more. Every year you receive more education and gain experience.  Other jobs have raises and promotions - are you any less deserving?   A good rule of thumb is to raise your prices between 5-10% each year to year and a half.  The exact amount should depend on your demographic. Be confident about your increase and let your clients know that you are worth it!  

Address the pricing issue with grace.  Keep your feelings out of it.  If you are so uncomfortable raising your prices - start with a price increase for new clients then slowly work that increase into your regular clientele.  Give your clients notice, "Today your haircut is $60.  Starting August 1, my haircut price will be $65." It is recommended that you notify your guests at least 6 weeks in advance.  The last thing you want to do is surprise them. 

Yes, a few clients may choose to leave you for a less expensive option; but the ones who stay will make up for that loss because they will be paying more.  You cannot assume a client doesn't have the money to pay for it.  People afford what they want to.  

The most important thing to remember when you are considering a price increase is that the treatment of your guest goes up with your pricing.  You must always create an incredible experience for your client.  

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Interview with Pope the Barber: Balance!

Pope the Barber @popethebarber talks about how her hard work and dedication now allow her the freedom to balance her personal and professional life.


About Pope the Barber:

Hattori Hanzo artist Pope The Barber was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She decided to become a barber shortly out of high school.  During high school she played basketball and learned to cut hair while traveling with the boys basketball team.  At this point she was self-taught and known as 'the white girl who could cut hair.'  Pope eventually received formal cosmetology training and made barbering her career. 

Fast forward 10 years later, her passion has led her to where she is now; an international barber and platform educator as well as barber shop owner of Vatican Barbershop in Santa Ana, California. The creative culture of LA and everywhere she has traveled internationally broadened her neotraditional skills and she applies all of the various techniques she's learned worldwide to her craft.

She is now one of the most well known female barbers in the world and hopes to spread her love and passion for the industry through continuously learning and educating.



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Happy Holidays from Prosper U

Balancing Beauty with Business

by Eric Fisher

Happy Holidays

Thank you,

Eric Fisher

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We recorded this just for you!

Balancing Beauty with Business

by Eric Fisher

Did you miss the Create Award-Winning Photoshoots webinar on Monday? We've got you covered! We recorded it. This means you have the option to watch the webinar whenever it fits best into your schedule.


Session work is just one option out of many that your students could choose upon graduation. Everything from the makeup to the lighting has an impact on how successful a photoshoot will be. 

In this webinar, I share tips and tricks for creating a successful photoshoot experience for both your school and students. Click the link below to watch the recording today!

Watch the recording

Thank you,
Eric Fisher
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Spotlight Worthy: Gift Card Event


BBP 3.1

We hope this best business practice will help you grow your school. If you are interested in learning more best practices and becoming a Prosper U school, join us for a VIP Visit at our LIVE LAB - Eric Fisher Academy. Contact us today at 316.425.5245.Thank you,
Eric Fisher
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Balancing Beauty with Business

by Eric Fisher

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Enjoy today's collection of articles from around the web!

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8 Apps to Help You Remember People's Names 
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Watch and read helpful tips that will make your entry for the North American Hairstyling Awards a success! Watch the video here.  

Top Tips for Leveraging Holiday Gift Certificate Sales
by Ivan Zoot

Gift certificates are a great way to leverage the holiday season. Gift certificates are sales today and butts in seats tomorrow… and especially in the coming months after the holiday rush.  They can be some insurance against slower times. Here are my top five tips for leveraging gift certificate salesRead more here.
This Barbershop on Wheels Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless
by Huffpost Video

Australian barbers Teresa Reed and Danielle Hannah hope to give at least 1,000 haircuts by the end of the year. Watch the video here.      

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Eric Fisher   
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