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POSTED: Aug 26, 2018 | in Haircut



Best Laid Plans

Men's Haircut by Aaron Rogers


This style calls for immediate copycatting. We love the modern take on this classic haircut. The high fade with the added line detail, mixed with the tousled top, is a must-do on all your male clients. Go ahead! Add some swagger with this artfully groomed style by Aaron Rogers (@aaronkrogers).


Best Laid Plans blog


Here's how to do it:

1: Frame of the fade with trimers, tapering the edges along the perimeter.

2: Use a skip guard technique, working from no guard to 3 guard open.

3: Shear over comb through the parietal ridge to blend the top with the sides of the hair. (Be sure not to cut into the top.)

4: Texturize the top to create movement. 

5: Wash, apply small amount of pomade and blow dry.

6: Finish the style by applying more pomade for the desired look. 


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