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POSTED: Feb 6, 2019 | in Color

Toasted Coconut to Smoked Marshmallow - Blondes are heating up!

Smoked Marshmallow is picking up steam!

What is it, exactly? The technique—courtesy of Bakersfield, California–based colorist Megan Martinez—starts with medium-brown roots and lighter ends. From there, she blends highlights and lowlights using horizontal and diagonal placement to achieve the softest root blend.  

 Smoked Marshmallow Stormie Roberts

Stormie Roberts Hair


This is a great way to go blonde without bleaching your entire head and the need for monthly color maintenance is a thing of the past!  This creamy color works with your regrowth to extend time between appointments.  The flawless melting of warm chocolate to caramel to vanilla is a delicious way to go blonde and protect the integrity of your hair.   

Smoked Mashmallow Hair color

Shear Brilliance by Alaina


For a look similar to that above, this formula would be a starting point. 


Apply formulas 1-3 as a full head highlight using foils in a horizontal to diagonal pattern.  Depending on your starting point and desired result, do 2/3 of your foils using formula 1 with formulas 2 and 3 accounting for the remaining 1/3 of the foils.  Process until formula 1 has lifted hair to a level 10.  Remove foils, shampooo and tone with formula 4 for 5 minutes.  Maintain the marshmallow white with a purple shampoo as needed.  

Formulas (on natural level 7)

1. Goldwell Silklift with 6% lotion

2. Goldwell Topchic 1 part 8BA + 1 part 8B with 6% lotion

3. Goldwell Colorance Lowlights 6-7 Warm with Lowlight Lotion

4. Goldwell Colorance Express Toning 2 parts 10 Champagne + 1 part Creme with Toning Lotion