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Styling Tip: Seamless Slicing with Eric ...

Seamless Slicing Seamless Slicing is a great way to add texture and visually blend a haircut.  Watch as Eric Fisher shows how to customize a disconnected haircut using this technique.   How To: Seamless Slicing...

Interview with Daniel Bacon: "Love Hard"

In this interview, Daniel Bacon talks about his love for this industry and more importantly, his love for humanity.  His mission is to treat everyone with respect and kindness.     About Daniel...

Business Advice from Eric Fisher: Be a T...

Be a Teaching Artist! How many times have you heard a client say, "I can never make my hair look like you do!"  Its the number one complaint of most clients...
POSTED: Feb 19, 2019 | in Interview

Interview with Steven Picciano: "Take a Class that is Going to Make You Cry"


“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."

Steven’s journey with Goldwell began 9 years ago when he was inspired by one of the brands full time educators. From that moment Steven knew that education was a vital component to the success of our industry. Although his path began and continues with Goldwell, for four years Steven worked as a technical trainer for KMS making him a triple threat in cutting, color, and styling. Three years ago Steven began working on the National Show Team, here he was able to continue his education and gain experience working alongside top artists from both brands. Steven has also worked alongside many of our international ambassadors which allowed him to experience trends and techniques from a Global hairdressing perspective.  


At home Steven is an influential part of his salon culture whether it be through education or event planning. At the salon Steven is always bringing what’s happening in the industry right behind the chair to both his colleagues and his clients. Steven is a Lead Stylist at the one of Goldwell’s top salons. His clientele includes many different types of people from everyday women to models and musicians. Steven has always looked to inspire others through his passion for his craft. In the classroom everyone is welcomed into a comfortable place where they can truly learn and grow. His enthusiasm for our craft and his wide range of knowledge and strong skill‐set are all the more reason to allow Steven to be a part of your journey through education. Steven Picciano (@stevenpiccianohair)

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Interview with Steven Picciano