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How to: Festival Hair

(Photo courtesy of Kitchen Decor)  Festival Season is HERE!   Coachella marks the beginning of festival season and is always a gold mine for boundary-pushing fashion and cool hairstyles. The festival draws in...

Interview with Pope the Barber: Balance!

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Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

  Builders have blue prints.  Coaches have play books.  Hairstylists have headsheets and diagrams.    Eric Fisher @ericfisherhair says that a diagram is essential to visualizing a haircut.  "You must understand the foundation of...
POSTED: Apr 8, 2019 | in Blowout

Warmer Days and Beachy Waves

Beachy waves continue to be in trend.  Even clients without natural texture can sport this look with the right products and prep.  


What You Will Need:

     - Sectioning clips

     - Heat Protectant Spray, such as Its a 10 or Aveda Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray 

     - Curling Iron

     - Texture or volumizing spray such as Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast or Fatboy Tousle & Go



     1. Shampoo hair with a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate hair and prevent frizz.  Condition with a volumizing conditioner to add lift.

     2. Apply a multi-purpose leave in spray to add heat and thermal protection, lock out humidity and detangle hair.

     3. Blow dry the hair over-directing to add volume at the root.   The object is to blow dry the hair with some texture so that you can add in the waves.

     4. Spray sections of hair with a heat protectant and curl hair on a curling iron at least 1 1/4" or larger.  Be sure to leave the ends out.

Beachy Waves 3

     5. Alternate the direction of the curls; curl some sections away from the face and others toward the face to add to the messier texture.  You can also alternate the size of the sections you are curling.

Beachy Waves 2

     6. Leave the front pieces of hair out for last and curl them away from the face for a more flattering look.

Beachy Waves 1

     7. Finish the look with a texturizing or volumizing spray at the roots to tousle the waves.  


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