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POSTED: Jul 18, 2019 | in Haircut

The Modern Mullet - How to

 (Photo from

Love it or hate it, the mullet is back.  The edgier version we see cropping up everywhere is full of softness and texture.  And we are in love!

Modern Mullet 3Modern Mullet 4

(Photo of @hairmettle Hannah Brady by @irapopesage)    (Photo by @andy_doesyourhair)

How To:

For most stylists turning out this edgy cut, the razor is their tool of choice.  The razor allows the stylist to 'carve' the hair into the shape you want.

1.  Determine your perimeter length and razor cut the edges to frame the face.

2.  Section the hair from front to back, crown of head to behind the ears.  

3.  Starting in the back with vertical sections, choose the length of your shortest layer.  Place your razor on the bias to the hair and using light, open strokes, layer the hair at 90 degrees to the headshape.

4.  Repeat the process taking diagonal front sections and overdirecting to the back. Repeat on both sides.

5.  Once you reach the front, take diagonal back sections and refine your face framing.

6.  To cut the top, start in the front using your perimeter length a a guide.  Taking a 1" section from the middle of the head, crown to hairline and cut round layers following the headshape. Repeat sectioning on both sides, overdirecting each section as desired.

7.  To cut the back, take another center section from crown to nape.  Using the front section as a guide, cut concave layers blending to desired length.  

8.  Using the front hair as a guide, take a diagonal section from behind the ear to the nape and visually blend the front to the back using a slide cutting technique overdirecting forward towards the face. Continue with the sectioning to center back and repeat on the other side. 

9.  To finish, use a slicing technique to remove weight within the internal layers.  Blow dry using a diffuser for texture or flat wrap with a paddle brush for a straighter look.  

Modern Mullet 2Modern Mullet 1