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POSTED: Jul 19, 2019 | in Updo

Updo - How-to: The Pretzel with Eric Fisher



  • Light hold hairspray


  • tail comb
  • bobby pins
  • hair elastics


  1.  Divide hair into 3 equal ponytails from crown to nape.
  2.  Starting with the top ponytail, split it into 2 sections.  Ligihtly backcomb and spray the hair with a light hold hairspray
  3.  Take the first section and wrap it counter clockwise over the ponytail. Pin the ends of that hair out of the way across the ponytail on the opposite side.
  4.  Repeat this process on the other side, but wrap the hair clockwise around the ponytail.  Be certain that the loops are the same size and pin the hair out of the way.
  5.  Moving down to the second ponytail; divide into 2 sections and repeat the backcombing and hairspraying.
  6.  Take the first section of the second ponytail and pull it thru the loop above; pin the remaining hair out of the way on the other side of the ponytail. 
  7.  Repeat with the second section of the ponytail.
  8.  Move down to the third ponytail and repeat the process; looping the ponytail sections through the loops of the second ponytail. 
  9. Finally, pin the remaining hair under the loops and evaluate your final look for balance. 

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