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The Horizontal Twist is a soft, organic updo perfect for weddings, proms or homecoming.   Follow this tutorial step by step with Eric Fisher to recreate this look. PRODUCTS: Mousse Light Hold Hair Spray TOOLS: Tail Comb Large...

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  The Quiff has been around since the 1950s when it became popular as a post-war reaction to military buzz cuts and flat wartime styles. It only became truly iconic with...

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In this second part of our interview with William Hyde of Shark Fin Shears (sharkfinwilly), we will talk ergonomics. What are the advantages of a swivel shear?  A swivel shear allows a...
POSTED: Aug 20, 2019 | in Updo

Twisted Pull-Through Braid


It's summer. It's hot. Check out this dry style technique from Melissa @hairicome to give a polished look to second (or third) day hair!


1.  Ponytail a section of hair from parietal to parietal and secure with a clear elastic just about the occipital.

2.  Gather the underlying hair in a ponytail and hold in your non-dominant hand.

3.  Split the ponytailed section in half with your index finger and, using your first and third fingers come up from underneath twisting that section of hair counter-clockwise and pull the remaining hair through the loop.  

4.  Tighten the elastic of the original ponytail.

5.  Take the section of hair on top of the original ponytail and secure an elastic 2-3" down.  Split that ponytail in the middle with your index finger and using your first and third fingers twist the section counter-clockwise and pull the first ponytail through the loop.

Dry Styling Pink Hair 1

6.  Repeat these steps until you reach the ends of the hair. Pancake the pieces as desired.

Click here Twisted Pull Through Braid by Melissa @hairicome to watch the video.