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Insider Tip: Selling Retail Products

Selling retail products is one of the most profitable parts of your clinic floor business. It’s 6x more profitable than services. But, are you teaching your students to sell retail? To make retail work for your beauty school, teach your students to TELL about the products, not to SELL the products.



  1. Have your students talk about the products while they use them. Your students should share the what, why, when, where, how, and why they love it of every product they use.
  2. At the end of the appointment, have the student walk their client to the retail area, take the three main products they talked about during the service, and put them at the front desk.
  3. Have your students use the script: “Taylor, these are the products I used on you today. In my professional opinion, these are the best products for you.”



Increase your retail revenue with product promotions. For example, run a promotion such as “Save 15% off Aquage Fab Five products.” Feature the promotions in your monthly newsletter to clients and with signage in your retail area and clinic floor. Additionally, product promotions give your students something to talk about with their guests.



Our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy, offers product promotions to help increase retail sales. Their total retail dollar average is $36,000 a month, and their product per client average is $20.61.

To wrap up, product promotions are a great way to get your students to sell retail products and increase your sales. Try it!

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