Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

What resources do you provide us with for the Drivers of Success programs?
When you become a Drivers of Success school, you will receive a Teacher’s Edition, marketing posters, educational posters, a Guest Services Guide and Script Card. You will also gain admin access to the online educational content and the Prosper U app.
How long does onboarding take?
Onboarding your team is split into four two-hour sessions. These can be done once a week or twice a week, depending on your needs. The onboarding is split out to allow your team time to go through the Drivers Ed Online Training, learn the student material, and practice systems and scripts before teaching it to your students.
What kind of training do you provide?
Prosper U offers training for the classroom, clinic floor and Guest Services.
How do I register my school?
To sign your school up to teach Prosper U, click Register in the upper right-hand corner to start the process. You can also reach out to our Account Executive for more information at or 316-425-5245.

Choosing a Business Curriculum

Can we see how a Drivers of Success lesson is taught?
Prosper U offers a VIP Visit to our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy, where you can see the Prosper U programs in action, including in the classroom.
What makes Drivers of Success different from other business training programs?
Drivers of Success is fun and engaging for both the learning leaders and students. Each lesson is taught four times four ways to engage students through a variety of learning styles. Prosper U provides systems and scripts to help students seamlessly move from the classroom to the clinic floor.
Can I see a sample of the lessons?
You can receive 14-day access to a sample lesson on the Prosper U Learning Studio. This sample allows you to see what your students will experience and how the information is taught.
In what key areas will the Prosper U programs help our school?
The Prosper U programs will help your school raise your retention, improve your placements, boost your enrollments, increase your clinic floor income and enhance your brand.
In what key areas will the Prosper U programs help our students?
The Prosper U programs will teach your students best practice business-building tools including retailing, retention, rebooking, referrals and building great relationships. Your students will develop the passion and skills to succeed by learning communication guidelines, self-esteem, how to make a great living, how to set goals and more. Students will learn how to be successful, build self-confidence and gain the tools needed to make more money!
What makes Prosper U credible?
The Prosper U programs are created by world-renowned hairstylist, salon and school owner Eric Fisher. His salons and academy perform over 14,000 services a month and sell over a million dollars in retail annually. The programs are a culmination of his award-winning knowledge from 30+ years in the beauty industry. They include the same information, systems and scripts used in the award-winning Eric Fisher Salons and Academy.

Pricing & Add-ons

How are the Prosper U programs priced?
The Prosper U programs are priced per student. When you become a Prosper U school, you will order a kit for every student enrolled at your school.
Do you offer exclusivity with the Prosper U program?
Exclusivity is not available with Prosper U.
Can I take on Money Habits without a Drivers of Success program?
Yes! Money Habits can be added into your school’s curriculum as a stand-alone program.
How much is the subscription setup?
There is a $3,000 one-time subscription sign-on fee. Currently, this fee is waived due to COVID-19.
How can I get Style With Knowledge for my students?
Style with Knowledge is included for schools with a Drivers of Success subscription. For schools with a Drivers of Success Fast Track subscription, it is available for an annual fee.


How many students are required for a Drivers of Success class?
The Drivers of Success programs are flexible and can accommodate a wide range of class sizes.
How long does it take to teach a Drivers of Success class?
Each lesson takes 60-90 minutes to teach.
How do we build Drivers of Success into our curriculum?
It’s easiest to build Drivers of Success into your curriculum by teaching one lesson per week. The Prosper U team can assist you in adding it to your curriculum if needed.
How many Drivers of Success classes are there?
The Drivers of Success program includes 21 lessons. The Drivers of Success: Fast Track program includes 8 lessons.


I can’t access the store?
The Prosper U store is only available to schools with a Prosper U subscription. Please make sure you are logged in to access the Prosper U store.
How do my students access their account?
When a student is added to the Prosper U Learning Studio, they will receive an email with a link to create a password. From there, students will access their learning content at
How do I cancel a subscription?
If you would like to cancel your subscription, please contact the Prosper U team at 316-425-5245 or email