Program Extras

Additional tools available for Prosper U schools with the Drivers of Success or Drivers of Success: Fast Track programs.


A financial tracker that helps your students maximize services and retail.

Prepare your students for the real world with the Prosper U App. With the app you’ll set goals for your students and track their progress as they move through your program. Students will track their daily, weekly and phase numbers including clients, services, products, pre-book, social media posts, service dollars and retail dollars.  

App Tools

With the Prosper U PRO App you’ll gain access to:

Student Benefits

Show your students the income potential with our easy-to-use app. The Prosper U App teaches your students how to grow their business and make more money. They’ll be able to track their results, calculate their expenses and determine their future goals.


A revolutionary, in-depth blowout and styling program.

Salon Owners say: “Blowouts are where 95% of stylists just out of beauty school fall short.”

Expand your styling education with our Simon Says blowout and styling program. It contains the techniques, elements and step-by-step tutorials for completing the most in-demand styles of today. Style With Knowledge includes the fundamentals that stylists need for behind the chair, on the set of photoshoots and backstage at runway shows.

Program Tools

With the Style With Knowledge program you’ll receive:

Student Benefits

Your students will teach your students the styling secrets every successful hairstylist needs to know. Including mastering the proper styling techniques, understanding the elements for a complete style and following proven-to-work blowout steps.

We know you teach styling and finishing in your school, but we can make it easier for you! Style With Knowledge is a better way to teach styling to your students.

*Included with the Drivers of Success Program. Available with the Fast Track Program for an additional fee.


Drive your team to success with this online training for your team.

The Drivers Ed courses make implementing Prosper U easier. Your team will master the Prosper U systems and scripts with online training courses for Guest Services, the Classroom and the Clinic Floor.

Program Tools

With Drivers Ed you’ll gain access to:

*Included with the Drivers of Success Program. Available with the Fast Track Program for an additional fee.


Take your school to the next level with in-depth planning sessions.

The Coaching Calls will help your school grow your numbers. During the calls, our Client Success Specialist will help you set goals and create a plan to reach them. The Coaching Calls will help you increase your school’s average ticket, client count, client visits per year, average retail ticket and client retention.


*Included with the Drivers of Success Program. Available with the Fast Track Program for an additional fee.

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