A self-led financial literacy program created specifically for the professional beauty industry.

Money Habits will prepare your students for real life. The #1 reason students drop out is because they mismanage their money while in school. Adding a financial literacy program to your current curriculum will help your school succeed by:

  • Impacting your Gainful Employment numbers.
  • Decreasing your student drops. 
  • Lowering your loan default rates. 

Students who drop out are four times more likely to default on their student loans than students who graduate. (According to a study by OneClass.)


Money Habits is a 5-hour, self-led student program with five modules. It’s a financial foundations program specifically created for the professional beauty industry. It gives your students the personal financial skills needed to be successful in life and their career.

Get your students practicing strong financial habits to keep them in school and out of money trouble after graduation. Find out how you can get started. Parents will love it, and your school will prosper.

The Instructor

Darcie Milfeld


Darcie Milfeld of Green Bites Project® is a financial wellness coach for people looking to transform their relationship with money. She is a former SVP at Bank of America and holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Despite her 20s being riddled with many financial mistakes and lots of debt, she and her husband paid off her $90K of student loan debt, hit financial independence in their 30s while working corporate jobs, and now do work that they truly love.

Darcie has worked with over 250+ people that went from years of feeling like they just couldn’t get the traction they wanted with their finances to now … loving their finances! Her clients left the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle behind for good. Their debt balances are going down, cash cushions growing, financial confidence through the roof, and their own financial independence paths laid out. Darcie mainly works with people now through her main programs: Grow Financially WellⓇ and the FI Edition.

When Darcie is not busy crunching numbers with her clients, she loves to get lost in music, collect Fiestaware, and follow Instagram design feeds. You can usually find her loving every minute of her homebody life with her husband and kids.

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