Fast Track

An interactive business essentials course that will put your beauty, barber, and wellness students on the fast track to success!

FAST TRACK is a 12-hour innovative, hands-on, results-driven business essentials program for beauty, barber, and wellness schools.

It’ll teach your students best practice business-building tools including retailing, retention, pre-booking, referrals and increasing the average ticket. Your students will develop the skills to successfully start their career in the beauty industry.

FAST TRACK is available in five versions for Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Massage and Nails.

FAST TRACK is available for Milady schools on CIMA by Milady and for Pivot Point schools on Pivot Point® LAB®.


With the FAST TRACK School Subscription you’ll receive:

Additional tools available for Fast Track Schools:


Manage the Guest's Experience

By using systems, scripts and clues, your students will learn how to “WOW” the guest to keep them coming back!

Attract a Target Clientele

Students will learn how to increase their client base by prospecting for new guests and asking for referrals. They’ll learn how to grow their business through social media, events, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Maximize an Existing Guest Base

Your students will learn the importance of managing the appointment book for maximum productivity and efficiency, and how to increase their average service ticket.

Keep Guests Coming Back

Your students will learn the key components to building great relationships and a prebook system to keep their clients coming back.

Sell More Products

Your students will learn how to "Tell, Not Sell" retail to become confident at recommending products and increasing their average ticket.

Make More Money

With the Goal Setting Dashboard on the Prosper U App, your students can track and reach their goals to achieve financial success.

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