About Us. Our goal is to provide fun, interactive programs to help beauty professionals succeed.


Our goal is to provide fun, interactive programs to help beauty professionals succeed.


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Our Founder

Eric Fisher’s story started like many others. He was first introduced to the cosmetology business when he watched his mom do hair in her salon. Later he dated a hairdresser and the culture sparked his interest. He viewed it as an opportunity to listen to great music and be in a career where people look forward to seeing you. So without much thought of where it would lead, Eric enrolled in cosmetology school. You’ll often hear him joke that the only time he ever saw his dad cry was the day he told him he was going to cosmetology school.

Eric first attended school in Wichita, Kansas. After completing cosmetology school, Eric attended Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. During his time in London, his passion for the industry grew. He began practicing haircutting 3 to 4 hours a day. His talent flourished. After attending the Vidal Sassoon Academy, Eric began working around the world. He took jobs in Europe and Asia. Working in places like London, Paris and Seoul.

In 1987 he married his wife Mary and planned the opening of the first Eric Fisher Salon. He brought the European concept of styling assistants and training program to Wichita, KS.

After opening Eric Fisher Salon, Eric’s business spirit thrived from the success. His reputation as a stylist and business owner grew. To meet the needs of the growing business, he opened a second salon, later a third and fourth. As the salon’s success grew, Eric’s passion for education continued and so did the desire to share his knowledge. In May of 2007, Eric opened the Eric Fisher Academy. EFA quickly grew to be one of the leading cosmetology schools in the nation. With the success of the school, Eric saw the need for business education in the industry. From this, Prosper U and Prosper U PRO was developed. Eric’s successful career includes the Eric Fisher Salons, Prosper U, Prosper U PRO, Style with Knowledge, Eric Fisher Academy and numerous best-selling books and CDs.

Our Team

Photo of Eric Fisher


Photo of Jessica Beck

Jessica Beck

Photo of Aaron Rogers

Aaron Rogers

Client Success Specialist
Photo of Taylor Brown Account Executive for Prosper U

Taylor Brown

Account Executive
Photo of Prosper U employee Katherine Donaghue

Katherine Donaghue

Client Success Coordinator
Photo of Alexis Salas

Alexis Salas

Marketing Lead
Photo of Ian Blume

Ian Blume

Video Production Artist
Devon Sechrist

Devon Sechrist

Administrative Coordinator
Photo of Jennifer Gonzalez

Jennifer Gonzalez

Human Resources Manager
Paige Johnston

Paige Johnston

Human Resources Assistant
Simone Reinhardt

Simone Reinhardt

Chief Financial Officer
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