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Teach Your Students to Focus on Their Clients

Do you teach your students to focus on their clients? We only remember 25% of what we hear. This means in a 10-minute conversation we only remember what was said for two and a half minutes. The truth is, we can all benefit from improving our listening skills. It’s a skill your students need to know to be successful.

Think about all the noise on the clinic floor from the blow dryers, to the conversations, the music, the telephone ringing, to the water in the shampoo bowls. You need to teach your students to drown out these sounds and focus all of their attention on the guest in their chair.

This sounds simple, right? Yet, it is difficult to do.

For your students to be successful in the beauty industry, they must focus on the client.

When your students are servicing their guests, they shouldn’t be talking to other students, gossiping, or paying attention to other guests. They need to be paying attention to the client. Listening to their problems, not telling them theirs. Making eye contact during the consultation and really focusing on what the guest is saying.

People like to spend time with and patronize others who make them feel good. Teaching your students to listen is the simplest way to ensure that your guests are with someone they want to be with. It’s how they connect and understand.

Teach your students to focus on their clients. Make a habit of conscious listening. It will make the guest feel special and want to spend time at your school again, plus it will set your students up for success.

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