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Photo of new employee from the employee referral program
Employee Referral Program
Finding the right fit for your team when hiring a new employee can be difficult. An employee referral is one of the best ways to find a good candidate. So what’s the best way to get your team involved? First, you need to lure them in with a great incentive! Setting up an employee referral program can do wonders for your school. Additionally, it has been proven that referred employees have higher retention rates.
Our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy, offers an employee referral program. Any employee who refers a new team member and is hired receives a $25 Visa Gift Card. The academy has set up a list of requirements the new hire must complete for the employee to receive the incentive. For instance, one requirement is that the new hire must complete ninety days of active employment.

But how do you motivate your own employees to take part in your employee referral program? Ask them. Do this through a survey or at an employee meeting. Personalizing an employee referral program to fit your team is important.

Here are six ideas for how you can incentivize your team for employee referrals.


1. Gift Cards
Gift cards are a great incentive for your staff. For example, you could give options to your team members’ favorite stores or restaurants. Or keep it easy and offer a Visa Gift Card.

2. Cash Bonus
Everyone loves a cash bonus! This is a great incentive for your staff to refer new employees to your company.

3. Social Bonus
A social bonus is a recognition for the employee’s referral in front of the team. This could include an award and public acknowledgment for their contribution and recognization on social media.

4. Extra Time Off
Who doesn’t love an extra day off or a long weekend? This is a great incentive option for employee referrals. Extra time off has been shown to boost morale and productivity for your team members.

5. Tools
A new pair of shears, clippers or a set of makeup brushes – these are all great reward options for employee referrals. Find out what your staff is coveting right now and offer it as an incentive.

6. Advanced Education
Education is the key to success! Is there a cutting class, a color workshop or a new facial technique that your staff would love to learn more about? Offer this as an incentive. Nothing keeps your staff more committed and engaged than learning new things.


Do you have an employee referral program at your school? Let us know by leaving the details in the comments!

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