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Young Asian woman in a blue t-shirt smiles at herself in the mirror with her left-arm extended out so her hand is touching the mirrored version of her hand. She just finished saying mindful morning mantras.
Mindful Morning Mantras

I believe that it is important to share the best of what I have learned with others. By doing so, I hope to provide you with an advantage over those who have to learn everything for themselves. This Best Practice Series focuses on points that I believe lead to success in the beauty industry. These are the fundamentals that I used to achieve success in my career. We use these methods every day to grow and prosper.




I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel terrific.” This has been my personal mantra since I was 19 years old. I wake up every morning and say this to myself several times. If I am having a tough day or prepping for a big show or an event and I’m nervous – I might say it several times before that to help me calm down and focus.

It’s really important to talk to yourself. And I mean, talk to yourself in a positive way. One of the best ways to do that is to have a mantra. A mantra is a word or phrase that’s repeated to create a state of concentration, consciousness, and connection.

First, mantras help you focus on what you want to create for that day. You can even repeat these words throughout the day as a sort of ‘wellness boost.’ Starting your morning with a go-to phrase can positively affect the rest of your day—even if you’re not a morning person. Moreover, focusing on your mantra helps redirect your mind to something more positive and energizing. Finally, even experts say starting your day with a few quiet moments when you’re fully disconnected is essential for your health and productivity.  – Eric Fisher



Other One-Minute Mantras you can tell yourself;
  • I can’t control everything.
    • When your inner critic is reminding you for the millionth time about some mistake you made, pause and say out loud, “Y/N, is this really helpful?” The answer is almost always no. Then move on. Keep practicing this, and you’ll get really good at shutting down unhealthy self-criticism. 
  • Courage is the Choice to Leap.
    • You’re allowed to feel scared when taking a giant leap, whether in your personal or professional life. Courage is about being afraid but taking the leap anyway.
  • Progress Over Perfection.
    • Allow yourself the freedom to learn and to try. A little bit of progress every day adds up in the end. You can’t become a master if you don’t allow yourself to be the rookie. 

The Challenge


Mantras are a way to give back to yourself. You’re able to take a moment to breathe and reset. Take a few minutes of quiet time, and consider what YOU need to hear at this moment in your life. Think about phrases to help create a comforting, positive state of mind and empower the rest of your day. We challenge you to pick a mantra for yourself to help you throughout the season of life that you’re in.



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