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A stylist with their client after an appointment. The stylist is showing their guest a product they suggest to purchase to maintain results at home.
Provide Legendary Customer Service

Clients have choices. They can go anywhere at any time. So why should someone choose you? What makes you different? How do you make your guests feel? “Good” service will never make you rich or booked solid. Anyone can give good service; you need to provide legendary customer service to make a lasting impression.

What is Legendary Customer Service?

Legendary customer service is a connection, an exchange of energy, personalized attention, mutual caring, and an incredible experience. It’s the ultimate tool for building strong emotional bonds with your customers. Legendary customer service means looking for every opportunity to make your guest feel special through your hospitality and soft skills. From the first smile to the goodbye, every moment is an opportunity to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your guest.

Examples of Legendary Customer Service:

  • Walking your guest to their car with an umbrella when it’s raining.
  • Calling a guest after their appointment to see how they’re doing with their new look.
  • Saying please, thank you, and my pleasure.
  • Calling your guest back the same day they call you.
  • Sending a handwritten postcard to your guests for major life events or just because.
  • Erring on the side of generosity when it comes to mistakes.
  • Staying late for a guest.
  • Coming in early for a guest.
  • Visiting guests in the hospital.
  • Providing a make-up touch-up.
  • Offering a beverage.
  • Giving a styling lesson.
  • Educating your guests on how to use products.

Is Legendary Customer Service that Important?

Yes! Your guests aren’t just coming in for your technical services. They’re coming to you because of how you make them feel. Providing legendary customer service is how you move someone from a guest to a raving fan. Raving fans means more repeat visits and higher sales. Guests who love their service provider wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. They tell their friends, family, and anyone they know about you. When you treat others with incredible legendary customer service, you become the talk of the town.

Did you know?

Guests who love the experience are 50% more likely to come back.

Guests who love the experience spend 26% more money than guests who are merely satisfied.

Legendary customer service can be the difference between a guest staying with you or switching to a new service provider. It’s a way to separate yourself from the sea of sameness.


How do you Provide Legendary Customer Service?

To start providing legendary customer service, you first need to think about the kind of experience you want your guests to have. How do you want them to feel when they’re in to see you? Important? Heard? Cared for? Light-hearted? What do you want them to remember about their experience with you? The service? The conversation? The feeling? The attention to detail? How will you engage their senses? What are the smells, sounds, sights, touches, and tastes that they’ll experience?

Then, reflect on the experience you’re currently providing. What does a typical guest visit look like? Think of every interaction they have with you before, during, and after their appointment; booking their appointment, the greeting, consultation, music, products, checkout, conversation, social media, etc. What opportunities are you missing out on? What interactions are inconsistent with how you want your guests to feel?

Finally, determine what steps or systems you can put in place to ensure every interaction of each visit is legendary. For example, do you need to block out time on your calendar to write postcards? Do you need to schedule time at the end of every day to call clients back? Do you need to add a few extra minutes to each appointment to focus on the consultation?

If you find yourself with multiple items you want to change, don’t try to do them all at once. Instead, list them out in order of where you’ll start and end. What you’re doing is building new habits, so you should start with one and spend a few weeks focusing on it until you can do it without having to remind yourself. Then start on your next item. Continue this process until you’ve created the experience you want your guests to have.



Answer the questions above to identify the experience you want to provide for your guests. Then, develop systems and steps to create your legendary customer service experience. Finally, get started putting your steps into action.


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