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 In this ever-changing industry, it’s essential to continuously be on the cutting edge of technical and business skills. We’ve been working hard since 2022 on the latest updates to FAST TRACK, our business essentials program.


With Fast Track, you’ll learn how to attract, maximize and retain a clientele to create the career of your dreams. We’re excited to take you on a deep dive into building a business that you love for a lifetime!” – Eric Fisher.


We’re excited to share the updates we’ve made and announce our latest partnership. These upgrades will help us continue our mission; “Produce modern education for beauty, barber, and wellness professionals to help them make money doing what they love.”


S E E   T H E   D I F F E R E N C E



We had the following goals for this update;

  • The content is easy to teach.
    We want any teacher with any experience to be able to teach our content easily. Our Teacher’s Editions include user-friendly teacher moves, full-scope lesson plans, and additional resources such as program-specific PowerPoints and videos.

  • Our videos and workbook for the course dive deeper into the content.
    We want future beauty professionals to see themselves in our curriculum and believe they can achieve their career goals.

  • The course better prepares future beauty, barber, and wellness professionals through additional activities.
    Everyone learns differently, so we created content to appeal to all types of learners. Our Teacher’s Editions also include energizing warm-ups, relevant and engaging learning activities, and opportunities for authentic connections and feedback.

  • Students to be Wildly Enthusiastic about the industry.
    Our content empowers your students through proven systems and scripts. We want our Fast Track graduates to be entrepreneurial, guest-focused, driven, authentic, confident, and prospering. Singularly driven by this desire, we created lessons that begin with the end in mind.



S P E C I A L   T H A N K S   T O


We partnered with two world-class education consultants to achieve these goals. First, we’d like to thank Educational Leadership Consultant Dr. Karen Duling. With over three decades of experience in P12 education, serving as a classroom teacher, an elementary principal, and a district-level administrator, Dr. Duling has a passion for assisting teachers and school leaders across the country in being the best they can be for their students. Dr. Duling was integral to this project. She ensured our content would help educators support, mentor, and teach tomorrow’s beauty professionals.


Second, we’d like to thank Jessica Beck, our former Director. She is now a Cosmetology Instructor at our liveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy. Jessica’s passion for empowering and educating the next generation of beauty professionals is how Prosper U became what it is today. Thanks to her, the first version of Drivers of Success FAST TRACK was created, and what has now become the latest update of FAST TRACK. 


We would also like to thank the dedicated and driven members of the Prosper U team who gave their all to create this world-class program: Eric Fisher, Aaron Rogers, Taylor Brown, Lisa Le, David Lyon, Shane Cole, and Sebastian Moreno. Special thanks to Insight Design for the textbook design, Katherine Donaghue, who served as Prosper U’s Marketing Specialist from Fall 2022 to Spring 2024, Benjamin Spell for Cosmetology photography, Michael Bankston for Esthetics photography, Alexis Salas, Ian Blume, and our Prosper U Schools- we do it all for you!   


S T A R T  Y O U R  E N G I N E S


Our FAST TRACK curriculum + subscription includes:

  • FREE Online Onboarding with our Business Training Specialist.
  • Teachers Edition with Lesson Plans, PowerPoints, and Videos.
        + Online Access to Educational Content on CIMA by Milady or Prosper U Learning Studio.
  • Guest Services Guide with Systems, Scripts, and Tools for your Front Desk Team.
  • Education and Marketing Materials for your Admissions Team and Education Department.
  • And So Much More!


We’re so excited for you and your students to begin using FAST TRACK! FAST TRACK Cosmetology and Esthetics is available for Milady schools on CIMA by Milady.  Coming soon for Pivot Point schools on Pivot Point® LAB®.


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