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Tell Don’t Sell

After enjoying a service at our liveLAB, I was waiting for direction from the future beauty professional regarding what to do next and if they had any product recommendations for me. This beauty professional had used several products during the service I was looking forward to possibly purchasing.


“We do this thing called three products, so let me just get those real quick!”- the Future Beauty Professional.


Immediately, the momentum of the appointment shifted. Instead of feeling like the products they were grabbing catered specifically toward me, it now felt like I was being sold products to meet a quota. 


Freedom from Fear

How often do your future beauty professionals undercut themselves? How often are they missing the sale due to feeling awkward? 


Selling products should feel easy. It should be easy to tell a guest that you recommend these products to maintain their look at home. It should be easy for a beauty professional to share three products they use today to help their guest achieve their beauty goals. 


So, what is holding new beauty professionals back from selling retail to their guests? Fear. Fear of rejection or feeling like they failed. 


Our Philosophy

Nobody likes to hear the word “no.” Especially as a new beauty professional, a “no” can feel like the client is not only rejecting the sale but also them as a person. Since people avoid hearing the word “no,” they also avoid the opportunity for a “yes.” To quote Winston Churchill, “Success is your ability to go from failure to failure while maintaining enthusiasm.”


To confidently sell to your guests, you must feel good regardless of whether you get the sale. You need to be unfazed when you hear the “no” because what your client more than likely means is “not yet.” They may need time to decide if they like the product(s) or to update their budget to purchase products at their next appointment. 


Our philosophy is “Tell, Don’t Sell.” Tell the client about the products you are using on them. Explaining the products you’re using on your guest during the appointment makes it even easier to sell retail. Your guests can ask questions about the product while you’re applying it, and you can get a feel for if the client feels inclined to purchase. Consider also the amount of products you use on a guest during the service; chances are in your favor that your guest would want to buy at least one. 


To hear more about this topic, see this sit-down chat we had with our Founder, Eric Fisher.


To any beauty professional:

Before sharing our challenge with you, I want to conclude how the appointment ended at our liveLAB. Despite the initial misstep, the future beauty professional recommended products that entirely catered to my needs. I left the appointment satisfied not only with the exceptional service I received but also with the product recommendations I received. I purchased two recommended products and have loved how they work so far. Don’t feel discouraged about an initial misstep; brush off the fear of rejection and show your guests the product you know would help solve their challenge!



The Challenge

Talk about the products you are using with EACH and EVERY guest. In your downtime, read the product labels on products you aren’t as familiar with and be informed about the product lines your salon or spa offers. If you educate your clients about the products you use during their appointments, you are on the way to increasing your average ticket and retail sales.


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