Prosper U has inspired me to become a great professional in this industry. Also, it has shown me how much I can achieve in the future with this career.

Crystal, Metro Beauty Academy Student

I like how Prosper U brings our class together. I feel like it's super eye opening. I never realized how important a positive attitude is in this business and just in life in general. I really like getting a sneak peek into the business and I definitely feel more prepared because of Prosper U.

Julia, Metro Beauty Academy Student

Prosper U has really inspired me to look at the beauty industry differently. It's not just about making people pretty. It's about giving them legendary customer service and making people feel great about themselves. There are a lot of great quotes and examples in the Prosper U books that help me apply things to real life situations. 

Cena, Metro Beauty Academy Student

I think Prosper U is a great thing to have. It really helps you learn how to be an ideal cosmetologist. It teaches you what qualities you should have in order to go far in this industry.

Stephanie, Metro Beauty Academy Student

When I think of my future career as a stylist, my skills and abilities to create great work doesn't make me nervous -- that aspect comes naturally to me. Plus, I know that I'm getting great training and that practice makes perfect. However, one thing that always caused hesitation is my lack of confidence when it comes to the business side of the industry -- how to set my prices, how to create a plan for financial success, how to network, how to ensure clients will return to me, etc. Being a truly successful stylist is about more than just doing good hair, so the Prosper U program is such an important tool. I know when I'm ready to graduate from Metro, I'll be more prepared than the average cosmetology graduate because of the extra training I'm receiving from Prosper U.

Sam, Metro Beauty Academy Student

Eric Fisher interviews Prosper U student, Arianna - a student at Avalon School of Beauty. Watch this video and learn why she loves Prosper U's Drivers of Success Business Program!


Arianna, Avalon School of Beauty

Eric Fisher interviews Prosper U student, Clarissa - a student at Avalon School of Beauty. Watch the video to learn why she loves Prosper U's Drivers of Success Business Program!


Clarissa, Avalon School of Beauty

Prosper U has been a wonderful addition for our student body and educators. The students find the tracker, journal and videos easy to use and follow along. The educators find the scripting, lesson plans, teacher training videos and support to be a wonderful educational program to present to the students. Prosper U helps make the learning fun and engaging for all. It has helped our educators reach their goals, which in turn has helped the students reach theirs! We recommend Prosper U to any academy that wants to provide the tools for success so they can produce salon leaders!

Peggy Grenauer, The Salon Professional Academy – Buffalo

Prosper U has given our students great tools for their professional success. It has helped increase our retail sales, improve client frequency and given us goals to strive for.

Michelle Forstner, Nova Academy

As the salon manager of Duncan Brothers Salon Quail Springs, I have the opportunity to work with brand new hair stylists. My goal is to help them grow an amazing clientele, grow their product sales, learn salon professionalism, build layering relationships, and have fun doing it. The stylists who have come from our school, the Academy of Hair Design, already have such an understanding of what to do. They know how to give a proper consultation, recommend the products clients need, and what to expect in the salon because of the Prosper U business training program. Prosper U not only gives actual percentages and solid numbers of where a stylist will see the most income, but it also offers such wonderful encouragement throughout the program. I'm very grateful to utilize Prosper U at our academy and as a tool to keep growing our staff into all they can be! I would highly recommend Prosper U to anyone in the hair industry.

Mary McClure, Duncan Brothers Salon

When a person decides they are interested in the beauty industry the first thing that is thought of is coloring and cutting hair. This is a fun and artistic way of expression. However, an individual entertaining the idea of this industry overlooks a very important component. The business side. Introducing the Prosper U program to students will arm them with the fundamental tools needed it understand and become successful in this industry.  

A few of the tools taught are:
-increase average service with clients
-expand client base
-prebook and follow up with existing clients
-ability to recommend appropriate products for client’s needs
-retain current clients

Prosper U has developed methods that are proven effective and useful to our students.  This is why the Academy of Hair Design has chosen the Prosper U program as part of the curriculum for our students.

Joe Tarnacki, Academy of Hair Design

The Prosper U program developed by Eric Fisher is simply the best business curriculum for cosmetology schools that I have seen. With simple straight-forward style, not only does it give students a greater chance at career success but it helped us increase our profitability. I would highly recommend Prosper U to any cosmetology school owner.

Larry Curtis, Taylor Andrews Academy

The Academy of Hair Design has always believed in preparing our students for success in the salon and are proud to partner with Eric Fisher and Prosper U!! We have seen our students connect, grow and achieve goals that were beyond our expectations. Prosper U has everything we were looking for in a business program and gives our students the tools they need to begin a successful career!!

Shelly Gitthens, Academy of Hair Design

Since implementing the Prosper U Business Training Program in three of our campus locations, we have seen an increase in our net retail average: Campus 1: UP 48%  |  Campus 2: UP 61%  |  Campus 3: UP 233%.

Garrett Shuler, Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology

Prosper U was very beneficial in my development as a professional by highlighting important aspects of the business and the guest experience. It opened my eyes to things I never considered before. I know I will be a much better stylist because of Prosper U.

Suzie, Prosper U Graduate

I really loved Prosper U because it provided in depth ways to grow your career. Over all, Prosper U made me comfortable being on the floor and prepared me for the salon.

Megan, Prosper U Graduate

My family loved that I learned the technical skills and business skills for a complete education to be a success in the beauty industry.

Mersades, Prosper U Graduate

I began using the retail methods of Prosper U and I was able to increase my retail totals by 86%.

Ashley, Prosper U Graduate

I began to focus on the business techniques of Prosper U and was able to increase my add-on sales by 35% in one month.

Heidi, Prosper U Graduate
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