Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a subscription passcode?

To obtain a subscription passcode, please contact our administrative office at 316-425-5245 or email

I can't access the store?

The Prosper U store is available to the public with limited items available for purchase. A subscription to the Prosper U website is required to obtain full access to the store and to order Prosper U training materials. Please contact our administrative office for more information on obtaining a subscription at 316-425-5245 or email

Why aren't my videos loading?

Video loading/delivery is dependent on browser capability/plugins. Please make sure your browser is up-to-date and you have the most recent plugins (flash, java-script, etc).

Forgot your password?

Simply click the "Forgot Password" link below the login box to retrieve/update your password.

How many students are required for a Drivers of Success class?

The Drivers of Success program is flexible and can accommodate a wide variation of class sizes.

Do you offer exclusivity with the Prosper U program?

Exclusivity is not available. For any further questions please contact the Prosper U administrative office at 316-425-5245 or email

How do I access my student account?

For student access to the Prosper U website, set-up with a student subscription code is required.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the Login on the menu bar
Step 3: On the right hand side, click the setup button on the subscription that matches the student access card in the student kit.

Why is the website not displaying properly?

The Prosper U website was built with the latest web standards. Some older browser may not display the full features of the site correctly, it is recommended that you upgrade your browser for the optimal Prosper U experience.

How do I cancel a subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please contact the administrative office at 316-425-5245 or email

What if I receive a message with my student subscription that I have to pay $99.00 to sign up?

When a student receives a message that they have to pay $99 to signup, it indicates the student has either entered an incorrect code (from their Student Access Card) or forgot to enter the code. It may be helpful to ask the student for their Student Access Card and help them login. If you have a card with a code that will not work, email the Student Access Card number to for further assistance.

How long does it take to teach a Drivers of Success class?

Each lesson takes about an hour to hour and a half to teach.

Can we see how a Drivers of Success lesson is taught?

Prosper U offers a VIP Visit to our office and to our LiveLAB, Eric Fisher Academy where you can see the Prosper U programs in action, including in the classroom.

How do we build Drivers of Success into our curriculum?

It’s easiest to build into your curriculum if you teach just one lesson per week. The Prosper U team can assist in adding it to your curriculum.

How many Drivers of Success classes are there?

The Drivers of Success program includes 21 lessons. We recommend you teach one lesson a week.

What makes Drivers of Success different from other business training programs?

Drivers of Success is fun and engaging for both the learning leaders and students. Each lesson is taught is four-times, four-ways to engage students through a variety of learning styles. The lessons include games, reading aloud, videos, hands-on activities, scripts to practice and more. Prosper U provides systems and scripts that help the students seamlessly move from classroom to the clinic floor. Once the students are on the clinic floor, Prosper U provides support to put the Drivers of Success systems and scripts into action. Prosper U also offers marketing and support materials.

How can I learn more or see a sample of the lessons?

Prosper U offers a 14-Day All Access pass to the Prosper U website. With this pass, you may view the Drivers of Success: student lessons, lesson videos, teacher’s editions, learning aids, past webinars, admissions resources, guest services resources and more.

May I call and talk to other Prosper U schools?

Absolutely! Please contact our office at 316.425.5245 or email for more information.

In what key areas will the Prosper U programs help our school?

The Prosper U programs will help your school raise your retention, improve your placements, boost your enrollments, increase your overall income and enhance your brand.  On average, Prosper U schools see a 68% increase in retail dollars and a 23% increase in service dollars.

In what key areas will the Prosper U programs help our students?

With the Prosper U programs, your students will learn how to be successful, build self-confidence and gain the tools needed to make more money. The Drivers of Success program provides students with the business skills for a successful career; including how to sell retail and add-on services. The program teaches them communication guidelines and manners to connect with their clients and build their business. Students learn how to have successful conversations with their clients.  We provide the scripts from the warm welcome, to the consultation, to rebooking, to the fond farewell. Students learn best practice business-building tools including retailing, retention, rebooking, referrals, building great relationships and increasing the average ticket. The Prosper U programs teach students real world, proven-to-work techniques for a lifelong career.

How much is the subscription setup and what does training include?

A $3,000 fee covers the subscription, set-up, and training costs. This covers all the travel expenses for an on-site, 2-day training
by a Prosper U team member, educational materials, Guest Services and Admissions resources, administrator website login and
more. Prosper U schools receive additional training and support for 6 months following the initial training.

What makes Prosper U credible?

The Prosper U programs are created by world-renowned hairstylist, school and salon owner, Eric Fisher. His salons and academy perform over 14,000 services a month and sell over a million dollars in retail. The programs are a culmination of Eric Fisher’s award-winning knowledge from 30+ years in the beauty industry. They include the same information, systems and scripts used in the award-winning Eric Fisher Salons and Academy. The Prosper U programs have been tested and perfected. They are proven-to-work.

What is Style With Knowledge?

Style With Knowledge is a revolutionary, in-depth styling program for perfect blowouts every time. The program contains the techniques, elements and step-by-step tutorials for completing the most in-demand styles of today. It includes the fundamentals every stylist needs for behind the chair, on the set of photo shoots and backstage at runway shows.

How can I get Style With Knowledge for my students?

Style With Knowledge is available for students at Prosper U schools with a Drivers of Success + Style With Knowledge subscription. For more information on becoming a Prosper U school, contact our office at 316.425.5245 or email us at

How can I purchase Style With Knowledge without a subscription?

The Style With Knowledge videos are available for rent the Prosper U store. The Style With Knowledge book and DVD are sold individually in the store or can be purchased as a set.

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