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POSTED: Nov 7, 2019 | in Haircut

Styling Tip: Back Cutting with Eric Fisher


Back Cutting:

Back cutting is a great way to create invisible layers or layers within layers.  Adding this technique to your toolbox will allow you to create 'magic' and texture for your clients.  Back cutting is one of those signature techniques that will keep clients coming back for special thing only YOU can do.  


How to:

Take a section of hair, lift it up and twist it lightly.  Take your shears and starting at the bottom, open and close them working your way to the top.  Don't comb thru it just yet.  Take another section and repeat the process in another area.  Be mindful not to incorporate too much texture.  Once you have done 2-3 sections; comb thru and evaluate.

It is important to practice this technique on a manniquin until you are confident and proficient!  But once you've mastered this - your clients will be in LOVE with the magic you create!