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POSTED: Feb 18, 2019 | in Updo

Wedding Styles that Wow - How to Recreate this Romantic Updo


Wedding season is quickly approaching and many brides are attracted to romantic, undone styles.  But where do you begin?  What products should you use?  Erin Ryser (@erinvryser), a makeup artist and hair stylist from Atlanta, reveals her technique for recreating this organic updo.



  • Medium Hold Hairspray, such as Kenra Volume Spray 25
  • Dry Shampoo, such as Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo



  • bobby pins
  • hair pins
  • elastic hair ties



  1. Prep pre-waved or curled hair with a medium hold hairspray and dry shampoo for volume
  2. Section hair from the top of the head to just behind the ears on both sides
  3. Take a section of hair at the crown, add dry shampoo if needed, and lightly backcomb
  4. Pin this section at center back with bobby pins to secure
  5. Take the remaining hair below the pinned section and secure in a low ponytail using a clear elastic   
  6. Lightly backcomb the ponytail from underneath, roll hair under to the base of the elastic and secure with bobby pins
  7. Take a piece of hair from the right side section and pin on the left side of the ponytail
  8. Take a piece of hair from the left side, crossing over the previously pinned section and pin on the right side of the ponytail 
  9. Repeat Steps 7-8 until all the hair on the side sections is pinned in an interlocking pattern and covering the base of the ponytail 
  10. Loosen and deconstruct the sections and ponytail as desired.
  11. Finish with medium hold hairspray