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Updo - How-to: The Pretzel with Eric Fis...

PRODUCTS Light hold hairspray TOOLS tail comb bobby pins hair elastics STEPS  Divide hair into 3 equal ponytails from crown to nape.  Starting with the top ponytail, split it into 2 sections.  Ligihtly backcomb and spray the hair...

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Men's Cutting - Challenges and Solutions

(Photos by @carmodyhoman and 4hairpleasure) Men's grooming continues to rise in popularity and many barbers and stylists are digging into their tool box to go beyond clippers and a guard.  Current silhouettes and texture...
POSTED: Mar 6, 2019 | in Interview

Interview with Daniel Bacon: "Love Hard"


In this interview, Daniel Bacon talks about his love for this industry and more importantly, his love for humanity.  His mission is to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  

 IMG 1112IMG 1122

About Daniel Bacon:

Daniel Bacon (@danielbacon1) is from Seattle, Washington and has been a hairdresser for eight years.  He believes in the connection between heart and hand.  "We as hairdressers lead with our feelings and use our hands to create art and allow people to feel the true beauty within themselves."  Daniel likes to teach everything from the classic graduated bob with a little twist to showing how you can use a scissor on your color to expose tones, balance and bounce through a shear and everything in between.  He believes no haircut is too difficult.  He wants to be someone who can break down all the different elements to allow a stylist to shine behind the chair.  


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Interview with Daniel Bacon