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Men's Cutting - Challenges and Solutions

(Photos by @carmodyhoman and 4hairpleasure) Men's grooming continues to rise in popularity and many barbers and stylists are digging into their tool box to go beyond clippers and a guard.  Current silhouettes and texture...

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Panel Cutting: With all of the trending glass bobs, getting sleek, straight hair can be a challenge. Panel cutting towards the ends of the hair is a great technique to remove...

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"My truest need is to inspire someone every day.  I want to make a positive impact on their life." Bryant is known for his passion of the ever-evolving world of hair. ...
POSTED: Mar 27, 2019 | in Business

Business Advice from Eric Fisher - Distinguish Yourself


Be known for something exceptional.  

There is a sea of sameness out there.  Same salons, same products, same names, same training. To be successful, you must distinguish yourself in that sea of sameness. It important to be known for something unique.  BE a specialist, BE different, BE an expert. 

One way to do that is to create a defining statement. A defining statement is a way to sell yourself.  It allows you to stand out from the rest of the pack.  It is like a short commercial telling people WHAT you do, WHY they need you and HOW to contact you. 

Hi!  My name is Eric Fisher and I am a hairdresser who specializes in authentic beauty.  Authentic Beauty means I take a complete and holistic look at you.  I look at your hair color, length and your makeup.   I then create a look specific for you.  Its an individual look at beauty.  I work at Eric Fisher Salon and I would love to have you as a client.

Practice hard and focus on what you want to be known for.  Fine tune something you do better than anyone else. Pay attention to your image. Distinguish yourself with your appearance, your attitude and your work.  




Eric Fisher