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POSTED: Apr 17, 2019 | in Business

Business Advice from Eric Fisher: Shake Your Client's Hand


It is extremely important for all people, regardless of your race or way of life, to learn how to shake hands with meaning. 

Physical touch is a big part of what we do in the beauty business.  It helps us connect with our clients.  A warm handshake starts it all.  

Look the person in the eye. Smile.

Use a firm grip . A firm grip, shows confidence, strength and enthusiasm. Avoid the wimpy, dead fish and the bone crusher.  

Don’t shake too much! One or two hand pumps is fine - don't overdo the shaking.

Use speech in conjunction with the handshake. ALWAYS call the other person by name.   When you make this effort, you are effectively saying “you are important enough to me that I bothered to remember your name."

Experts say you have seconds to make an impression.  So make your greeting a positive one.  Communicate WHO you are and your desire to have a positive relationship with your clients.  Learn to shake hands with meaning!




Eric Fisher