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Updo - How-to: The Breeze with Eric Fish...

"The Breeze" is an organic, romantic updo perfect for an evening event or wedding. Follow along step by step with Eric Fisher to recreate this look.   PRODUCTS Thermal protectant Light Hold Hairspray TOOLS Large Tooth...

Chocolate Hair - Trending for Fall 2019

Fall is coming and chocolate hair is trending for those clients tired of their summer blonde.   The palette of chocolate varies from warm milk chocolate to the cool bittersweet.  We...

OPI Scotland - the 2019 Fall Collection

Kilts, bagpipes and the Loch Ness monster!  Explore the beauty of Scotland with OPI's Fall 2019 collection.  The fall 2019 runways were all about the plaid!  Inspired by the windowpane and...
POSTED: Jul 22, 2019 | in Blowout

Styling Tip: Flat Ironing with Eric Fisher



The art of flat ironing is one skill you must master; especially on a precision haircut such as a bob.  


Begin by prepping the section of hair to be flat ironed with a silicone, thermal protectant spray.  Spray both the front and back of the section at a distance of 10-12."  Place the flat iron close to the roots and tap 3 times.  Pull the flat iron through the hair and reinsert the comb every 2-3" in a circular motion.  Be sure to slightly bevel your wrist but avoid a true bend. As you reach the ends, be sure to give an extra press to be sure you get a smooth, finished result. 



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