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Back Cutting: Back cutting is a great way to create invisible layers or layers within layers.  Adding this technique to your toolbox will allow you to create 'magic' and texture for...

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What is a chignon?  'Chignon' is basically a French word for 'bun.'  It comes from the word "chignon du cou" which means 'base of the neck.' The term has evolved...

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We are LOVING this quick upstyle from 2019 BTC Winner Trendafilka Kirova @another_braid. Trendafilka is a licensed hairstylist who taught herself how to braid.  We are mesmerized by her braid magic. Although the...
POSTED: Sep 10, 2019 | in Updo

Updo - How-to: The Horizontal Twist with Eric Fisher


The Horizontal Twist is a soft, organic updo perfect for weddings, proms or homecoming.  

Follow this tutorial step by step with Eric Fisher to recreate this look.


  • Mousse
  • Light Hold Hair Spray


  • Tail Comb
  • Large Curling Iron
  • Bobby Pins
  • Boar Bristle Smoothing Brush


  1. Apply mousse to hairline area and smooth the hair around the hairline, front to nape, with a boar bristle brush.
  2. Using a large curling iron, loosely curl the hair doing cable curls
  3. Separate the hair from crown to just below the ear.
  4. Clip the front sections out of the way.
  5. Back comb the hair at the crown to form a tight base. Over direct the hair forward and backcomb 2-3 sections to achieve the desired volume.  
  6. Secure the backcombed sections by placing bobby pins in vertically.  Use as many as needed to secure this area.
  7. Twist the front section back and under crown.  Deconstruct as desired.  Pin the hair in with bobby pins to hold it in place.  
  8. Repeat the process with the front section of hair on the other side.
  9. Continue taking sections and twisting the hair going from one side to the other.  
  10. Evaluate your final look for balance and adjust and deconstruct as desired.