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POSTED: Oct 10, 2019 | in Updo

Updo - How-to: The 4 Rope Braid with Eric Fisher


 Sometimes even the most complicated updos are easy to create once you know how.  

Follow this tutorial step by step with Eric Fisher to recreate this look.


  • Mousse
  • Light Hold Hair Spray



  • Clear elastics
  • Tail Comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • Paddle Brush
  • Flat Iron



  1.  Prep hair with a little mousse and blow dry with a paddle brush
  2. Flat iron hair to further smooth as needed.
  3. Divide hair into 4 ponytails starting at crown moving down to nape.
  4. Beginning with the first ponytail, deconstruct or loosen the hair by pulling gently on the sections of hair to create height.
  5. Starting with the first ponytail, comb thru cleanly with a tail comb.
  6. Divide the ponytail evenly into 2 sections.
  7. Twist the first section slighty to the left and take the left section over the right.  Repeat down the section.
  8. At the end of the braid, begin deconstructing by pulling sections out.
  9. Wrap the braid around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins at the base.
  10. Repeat the procedure with the second ponytail but at the end, deconstruct from the top to the bottom.
  11. Wrap the braid around the base of the second ponytail and pin at the base.
  12. Repeat with the 3rd and 4th ponytails.  
  13. Now its time to personalize the look for your client.  
  14. Deconstruct to make it bigger, check for balance and smooth any areas needed with your tail comb.  Finish with a spritz of hair spray.