Joe Tarnacki, Academy of Hair Design

Image of Joe Tarnacki to go with Prosper U testimonial

When a person decides they are interested in the beauty industry the first thing that is thought of is coloring and cutting hair. This is a fun and artistic way of expression. However, an individual entertaining the idea of this industry overlooks a very important component. The business side. Introducing the Prosper U program to students will arm them with the fundamental tools needed it understand and become successful in this industry.

A few of the tools taught are:
-increase average service with clients
-expand client base
-prebook and follow up with existing clients
-ability to recommend appropriate products for client’s needs
-retain current clients

Prosper U has developed methods that are proven effective and useful to our students. This is why the Academy of Hair Design has chosen the Prosper U program as part of the curriculum for our students.

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