Jill W, TSPA Rapid City

I absolutely love the Prosper U program! I have found that it provides a positive and motivating experience to the students. It makes the business side of the beauty and wellness industry easier to understand, which can be understandably overwhelming. Being able to work the numbers for success. The importance of the consultation and how to talk to your guests to get accurate information to be able to perform the best service possible. I find that my students are better able to understand what it takes to obtain new clients and keep them coming back. Their rebooking numbers and retail sales steadily increase because they use the program to the best of their abilities.
Prosper U has become one of my favorite classes to teach because I can see the process work in real time. Being able to share my passion for the industry combined with the passion of the Prosper U team, instils a growing passion for the industry in my students. I am excited to see all of the new things this program continues to offer!