Wendy B., The Salon Professional Academy Rapid City

Having purchased a cosmetology school I set out to visit with local salon owners/managers to find out just what they were looking for in a newly graduated student and future employee. I would say that 95% of them made the comment that they wanted to see the graduates more prepared for the business portion of the industry. They wanted to see these graduates understand the importance of goal setting, retailing, rebooking and referrals. These owners/managers are so busy with the day to day operations of the salon they don’t have the time to train new employees on how to retail, rebook and use social media to get the referrals to build their clientele and business quickly and efficiently.
Prosper U provides a fun and interesting way to do all these things without the students feeling like they are “SELLING” something.

The exciting part to all of this is the excitement my staff has going into teaching the system. They are excited because they have seen what the students gain from learning the important skills taught through Prosper U. Staff members actually fight over who gets to teach Prosper U to the students. The staff members see how much of an advantage the students who have trained with Prosper U have compared to other students who have not had the same type of training. The educators are eager to share those benefits to the students to help them become more successful.

Prosper U makes learning the business end of the salon industry fun and exciting. Students can actually see the progress they make each week, month all the way through to graduation and beyond. When students can see results they are more likely to be engaged.

Thank you to the whole Prosper U team for developing such an awesome system.

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